Your questions

I don’t understand when people talk to me
imagefor comprehension you will work with our teachers using various digital technologies in realistic situations.

Will my lessons be relevant to my profession? 
 Our lessons are specifically prepared according to each student, each company and each sector of business. 

Will lessons be like at school? 
 No, not at all. 
imageOur teachers have worked in various companies
You will work on documents from your own enterprise
We use the most recent tools and techniques

When I invite people to the restaurant, how can I talk to them?
 At every meal you will talk at the table with your hosts and teachers image

What is  the best way to make good progress and have results? 
We define, with you, your objectives and needs before the course and we adjust them together at any time according to your progress 

How many courses will I need?
This depends on your initial level and objectives. We can discuss this with you in detail. 

How often should I come?
Two courses per year in general results in very good progress for most levels. Three 
or four courses will lead to impressive results. For beginners the best results are     
obtained by a second course a maximum of 2 months after the first.

How can I choose between one-to-one or group courses ?
It depends on your personality, your learning profile, the time you have available for learning, your budget and your objectives. We would be very pleased to talk to you about this in more detail.