Language training created around People

We hope that you now understand our methods: to create training around the person and their needs. Here are a few examples of people we have trained:

Marie-Estelle  In 3 sessions of 5 days learnt to describe her products and promote them, followed by successful participation in international trade fairs.

Jerome  Third generation producers of Armagnac, learnt to give tastings, explain the distillation process and negotiate sales of his family’s products

Alberto Went from zero to presenting the local market situation in his territory to the company president from Texas in 8 days

Improving communication within a group composed of all key personnel involved in logistics within the same enterprise – from finance, sales and production.

Martine Receives international journalists for promotional purposes.

Bernard Can now participate actively in board meetings and make telephone calls without stress.

Marc  Learnt to show visitors around testing sites, to present results and then negotiated his salary in English ! 

Groups of estate agents learnt to show English speakers around houses for sale and to explain the buying process.

Mikaeline Learnt to talk about  European regulations and to hold press conferences.

Peter, David, Willie These workers in a machine-tool enterprise prepared to travel to China to build a machine on site.

Dieter Relocated to Bulgaria to oversee the building of a new factory. Practised using the ground plans.

Engineers and specialists working in the nuclear defence field learnt to present their findings to English-speaking partners

Jacques,  Bernard, Bruno Regional triallists in an agrochemical multinational exchanging results with colleagues all over the world.

J-L Worked on comprehension and participating in board meetings of his European Group.

Philippe Learnt to welcome guests to his hotel, explain the facilities, and to serve and explain the menu.

Training the employees of a major supermarket chain to welcome English-speaking clients.

Guy Over 5 years, this busy entrepreneur with very little free time went from beginner level to selling his company at international trade fairs.

Anne During her course, this director of a local development organisation finally gained confidence to intervene in European meetings.

Thomas & Sylvie with a very high language level, worked on improving their presentation skills and cross-cultural understanding. 

A group of secretaries from the same company learnt the essential language for taking messages, receiving visitors and writing emails.