Examples of previous assignments

Simultaneous, consecutive or whispered interpreting during technical / business meetings / negotiations / quality inspections / workshops
…some examples:
Seminar “La Pierre dans la Ville” (colorimetry, phonic impact, water repellency, laser) – Rodez, France
Convention: Grunvig 2 EC project, Lacapelle Marival, France
Convention: “The future of agriculture : sustainability”  in Agen, France (with journalists from French national radio stations)
Seminar facilitating the integration of a new company into a group (Liphatech)
Various meetings for the European Commission Interregional IIIC project
Conference: Quality strategies for rural development,EC project – Grosseto, Italy
Seminar: “Reseaux et Territoire” – Figeac, France
Seminar: e-learning and support for SMEs – Oulu, Finland
Meetings: Assemblée Nationale, Paris - EC project
French Property Exhibition – London, England
Police interrogations – Cahors, France
Steering committee meetings, ADEP EU project in Oulu, Finland and Brussels

Corrèze – The Tulle Area
Discover the Côte d’Azur
Basque Coast
The Camargue
Quercy Blanc
Périgord Noir
Canal du Midi
The Cistercians
Verdon – the Gorges
Roman Provence
Mont Blanc
The Dordogne valley
The Dordogne Gorges
Cathar Country
Côte d’Azur in Focus
The Neolithic Age
The Roads to Compostela
Recipes and Wines from Burgundy
The Parameters of Natural Morphology
Flavours of Champagne
Flavours of Cognac
Flavours of Bordeaux

Commercial assignments
- some examples…
Quality specifications, Company brochures, Technical specifications for a product range, Company newsletters, Conditions of sale, Internet sites, Advice pack for cattle breeding, Exclusive rights contract, Museum explanatory panels, Job specifications for all posts in a multinational company, Regulations on procedures, Interchange Framework Agreement, Internal report concerning industrial espionage,Technical data sheets, User manuals, 
Barcelona Aquarium Visitors’ Guide…

Research papers
- a few examples…
Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse / CNRS, 
Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France
Università di Pavia, Italy
Ministère de la Défense, Gramat, France

Semantics and syntax of textual markers
Reading and searching: how these processes interact
Typology of elementary annotative acts
Complex reading activities
Annotation as a word processing tool
(and others within the European project ‘Memoria’)

Is Symmetry really worthwhile ?
Multiple-base storage scheme theory
Towards a serial vector computer
Thesis: The logical foundations of contextual reasoning
An integrated input/output system for multiprocessors
(and others concerning supercomputers)

Court translation (sworn and approved)
Wills, birth, death and marriage certificates, writs, summonses 
Police interrogations, court hearings