Case study: SME in plastics varnishing becomes international

A medium-sized company specialized in varnishing of plastics for the cosmetics industry decided to expand its activities.

19cosmeticvarn94: The company decided to move into export. We began training all key personnel in language and business skills. 

We created and taught specific vocabulary for their unique process in consultation with the directors of the company.

1996: The production and R&D departments were in daily contact with English speakers. We adjusted the training program as the situation evolved.

1997: The company strengthened its presence at international trade fairs.

1998: All of the directors of the company now spoke English. There were clients in the US, UK, and all over Europe.
1999: A production subsidiary was set up in Brazil to supply the American market.

2008: We have continued to assist the company from time to time with occasional training needs or translation.