Case study: Acquisition & integration of subsidiaries

In 1996, a company working only in France in agrochemicals decided to develop its activities abroad following a Leveraged Management Buyout (LMBO) a few years previously. 


1997-1999: We trained key personnel (reception, export department, MD, marketing and R&D managers). The company started sales activities and a subsidiary in China.

2000: A British director was recruited in order to better penetrate the market. We trained him in French so that he could participate more actively in meetings.

2001: We trained the Chinese sales manager in English.

2002: An American rodenticide company was purchased and integrated into the group. We continued to supply language and intercultural training for the staff with a particular emphasis now on the US language and culture.

2003: We successfully prepared an international press conference with the marketing manager, followed by positive articles in several trade journals and newspapers.
2004: The company started to hold all of its group seminars exclusively in English. We assisted with facilitation services.

2004: The Australian market became more and more important.

2007: The enterprise now has a worldwide presence. We continue to assist with occasional training or translation needs.